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74 Victoria Road
Stechford, Birmingham
B33 8AH

Tel: 0121 789 7242


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About Us

We are a group of about 30 adult members and 12 children of various ages. Most of us regularly engage in Sunday worship and/or small group life. In addition to those born in the UK, we have a diverse international flavour, coming from five different continents! What we all have in common is our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. We know we are lost without HIm and have no illusions about our goodness apart from Him. We are on a spiritual journey to become more like Jesus, and we invite you to join us in that lifelong pursuit.


Stechford Baptist Church exists to...

  • love God

  • care for the community

  • grow as a spiritual family, and

  • tell Christ's message to those near and far.


In May 2013, SBC prayerfully adopted the following vision statement outlining what it hopes to become and do by the year 2020...



WORSHIP & PRAYER: By the year 2020 we will

  • Operate a church prayer network that feeds regular prayer updates to individuals and house groups
  • Take prayer requests from neighbours in the community
  • Establish weekly corporate prayer
  • Become more integrated in our worship and prayer life with the East Birmingham Cluster
  • Be intentional in our worship, through personal discipleship and worship training for leaders
  • Have 110 in attendance at Sunday worship on a good day

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: By the year 2020 we will

  • Care for the elderly and lonely in our community through personal contact
  • Meet practical and felt needs in the community through appropriate ministries
  • Become known as the church that knows and cares for the community
  • Regularly encourage Stechford residents to participate in church and activities by personal invitation

DISCIPLESHIP & SMALL GROUPS: By the year 2020 we will

  • Encourage each member to be in a house group as a vital component of church life
  • Aim to have at least 9 house groups
  • Make discipleship a normal step for new believers
  • Develop and recognise several elders as distinct from deacons
  • Have baptised and discipled 40 more believers
  • Have a total of at least 77 active members

EVANGELISM & MISSIONS: By the year 2020 we will

  • Offer regular training in evangelism
  • Offer the gospel in the community on a regular basis through creative means
  • Financially support at least 2 missionaries, at least one of which is from SBC

FINANCES, PROPERTY & MANAGEMENT: By the year 2020 we will

  • Have a weekly income of more than £800
  • Have devised an action plan for our future in regard to the present building
  • Evaluate our present church structure and documents, and adapt as necessary to meet our aims

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